Temporary Works General Awareness Training Course (TWGATC)

Who Should Attend? This course is designed to provide training for those working in temporary works but who are not undertaking the roles of either temporary works coordinator (TWC) or temporary works supervisor (TWS), as defined in BS 5975:2019.

Aims & Objectives

Aims The aim is to give delegates a general awareness and appreciation of temporary works. They should understand:

• what is deemed to be temporary works • how temporary works are used • the role of safety in temporary works • common issues associated with temporary works • the management processes.

Objectives At the end of the course delegates should:

• understand what constitutes temporary works • know how temporary works are used • understand the importance of safety and how to overcome common safety issues • understand the need for management processes.

Entry requirements There are no formal entry requirements. The course assumes limited or no detailed previous knowledge of temporary works

Assessment Assessment will be by multiple-choice questions at the end of the course. Delegates will also be expected to interact and participate during the course. Attendance does not confer competency as a TWC or TWS but is for the purposes of continuing professional development (CPD).

Duration 1 Day - This course is designed to be completed in one day. Delegates are required to attend the full day (7.5 hours) and to pass the end-of-course assessment to be eligible for certification

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