Location and Avoidance of Underground Services (Unit LA)

**Course Title: Location and Avoidance of Underground Services – **Unit LA of New Roads and Street Works

Course Overview:

SQA certified - Operatives and Supervisors

Intended for operatives and/or supervisors involved in road and streetworks.

The course will cover all areas of the New Roads & Streetworks Act for Location & Avoidance of Underground Services.  Combining teaching with practical assessment delegates will undertake recognised training and assessment.


A suitable location where the candidate can demonstrate competence locating a range of services, either on or off site.

Cable locator (signal generator optional) and Utility plans to include BT, Gas, Water and Electric cables.

A minimum of three services to locate and trace, i.e. BT, Gas, Water and Electric cables.

A range of services for the candidate to identify, both damaged and undamaged. This range should include all mentioned in the standards as well as the more modern ones.

Course Content:

The candidate must be able to:

·         Interpret the utility plans and point out on the ground where the services are and interpret the symbols on the plans.

·         Recognise a range of services commonly found when carrying out excavations.

·         Identify the risks of damage to services and the implications of such damage to Gas, Water and Electricity.

·         Use cable location equipment to find and trace underground services. (At least three to include BT and Electric cables).

·         Describe the services that cannot be found with conventional cable location equipment.

·         Conduct the activities safely.

·         Provide sufficient knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.


One Day

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