Kinetic Lifting Instructor

Course Overview:

This course is aimed at good communications and existing instructors whom will be required to deliver half day practical manual handling instruction in the workplace.

Course Objectives:

•    Understood how to and what skills are required to be an instructor.
•    Why do people learn?
•    Understood manual handling regulations
•    Practised Kinetic Lifting Techniques.
•    Demonstrated ability to instruct.
•    Be able to deal with questions.
•    Demonstrated being able to give feedback to delegates.

Course Content:

•    Why do we train?
•    Training – what does it entail?
•    Teaching, educating, how do we learn?
•    Instructional Techniques
•    Creating a training session.
•    Delivering a training session.
•    Evaluating.
•    Manual Handling operations regs.1998
•    Kinetic lifting techniques.
•    Demonstrations
•    Delivering a practical manual handling course.

Duration: Three Days

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