An Introduction to Environmental Management

Course Overview:

A one day course is designed to raise environmental awareness and provide a basic understanding of the environmental constraints facing modern industry.  The course relies heavily on real-life examples and relates the findings of hands-on experience in the workplace.  Depending on the delegates needs, a practical site visit may potentially be arranged in the vicinity of WS Training if required.

Course Objectives:

•    Understand what and how the pollution can effect the environment
•    Learn the principles of Environmental Protection in the UK
•    Understand Waste Management, Legislation, and duties of care.
•    Understand Environmental Assessment
•    Gain an understanding of Environmental Auditing, types of Audit
•    Learn how Environmental Management Policy & Systems work
•    Develop a future development plan.

Course Content:

•    Introduction
•    Environmental Impacts from Pollution
•    Principle of Environmental Protection in the UK
•    Waste Management
•    Environmental Assessment
•    Environmental Auditing
•    Environmental Management and the Small, Medium Business
•    Future Developments
•    Conclusion

Duration: One Day

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