Signing, Lighting and Guarding

Course Title: Signing, Lighting and Guarding - Unit 2 of New Roads and Street Works

Course Overview:

SQA certified - Operatives and Supervisors

Intended for operatives and/or supervisors involved in road and streetworks.

The course will cover all areas of the New Roads & Streetworks Act for Signing, Lighting & Guarding.  Combining teaching with practical assessment delegates will undertake recognised training and assessment.

Course Content:

The candidate must be able to:

·         Produce a plan of an intended site showing the position of signs, guarding and traffic signals. The plan must include all relevant distances, sizes, and dimensions required.

·         Produce a list of equipment for the intended site.

·         Demonstrate the sequence of setting out the advance signing, safety zones and pedestrian walkways.

·         Demonstrate the positioning, testing, adjusting, commissioning and decommissioning of temporary traffic signals.

·         Answer a range of questions to demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

·         Conduct the activities safely wearing the appropriate safety wear.

·         Provide sufficient knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.

Candidates applying for Re-registration are reminded that their cards are valid for 5 years, and they can apply to renew their cards anytime during that 5 years and up to 3 months after the card validity date. If your card is no longer valid and has been invalid for more than 3 months you cannot renew it, you will need to undertake a completely new assessment.


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