Driver CPC Working Time Regulations & Company and Public Image

Course Title: Driver CPC – Working Time Regulations

Learning Outcomes:

Candidate will be able to understand the Working Time Regulations and work within the scope of these regulations.

Course Content:

  • Introduction of the Working Time Regulations
  • Working Time
  • Relevance to EU Drivers’ Hours
  • Reference Periods
  • Calculation of Working Time
  • Periods of Availability
  • Correct use of Mode Switch
  • Night Workers
  • Collective Workforce Agreements
  • Occasional Workers
  • Exemptions


Half Day

Course Title: Driver CPC – Company and Public Image

Learning Outcomes:

Candidates will be able to acknowledge other road users, whilst understanding that not all road users have the same degree of expertise that they have.

Candidates will understand the consequences of confrontation with members of the public, colleagues, fellow professionals and customers.

Faced with a confrontational situation, candidates will be able to withdraw without incident.

Course Content:

  • Various causes of confrontation

  • Different drivers duties on the road

  • Road Rage

  • Methods of avoiding confrontation

  • Results and penalties of assault

  • Positive and Negative Image

  • The results of the damage caused to the company image

  • Small gestures leading to large confrontations

  • Examples of road based assaults and murders

  • Examples of how professional drivers avoid situations

  • Stress Levels

  • Body language

  • Punctuality

  • Loss of business


Half Day

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