Course Overview:

This course will result in delegates being better able to implement the intentions of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1999 and other related regulations.

Course Objectives:

•    Defined “hazardous substances”, “hazard”, “risk of exposure” and “control”
•    Identified hazardous substances
•    Interpreted the company’s policies and systems of work

Course Content:

•    Background to COSHH
      - Aims
      - Purpose
      - Legal background
      - Linking legislation
      - Summary of COSHH regulations
•    Identifying Hazardous substances
      - Substances used at work
      - COSHH codes
      - Substances hazardous to health
•    Hazard and risk
      - Definitions
      - Routes of entry
      - Hazard effects
•    Control of hazardous substances
      - Existing methods
      - Practical exercise
•    Sources of information
      - Information needed
      - Questions to ask
•    Assessment of risk
      - Basis of assessment
      - Competence of assessors
      - Forms
      - Practical Risk Assessment
•    Maintenance of controls
      - Controls of use
      - COSHH requirements for maintenance and testing
      - Monitoring exposure
      - Information and training

Duration: One Day

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