Train the Trainer

Course Content:

This course is designed to enable delegates to develop a range of participative techniques, increasing confidence by equipping them with the skills to deliver training sessions.

Course Objectives:

•    Recognise the importance of building rapport
•    Set training objectives and determine the appropriate strategy to meet them
•    Practise essential communication skills
•    Plan and sequence a training event
•    Develop a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Why we train – the training process
•    The learning cycle
•    The qualities needed – profiling an ideal trainer
•    The key skills
•    Analysing training needs
•    Setting training objectives
•    How people learn – learning styles
•    Giving feedback
•    Confronting
•    How to structure a training course
•    Presenting in a training environment
•    Managing a group
•    Coaching to accelerate performance
•    1:1 training
•    Practice sessions


Two Days

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